Free 5-day Beyond Compare intro course - Tanya Geisler and Lauren Bacon

Take the sting out of comparison with a free 5-Day Beyond Compare intro course.

Do you find yourself losing time, energy – and yourself – in comparison?

Instead of going about your work – the work you love, your creative, meaningful, life-on-purpose work – you catch yourself comparing it. Comparing yourself.

You compare yourself to people who seem to have it all together.

You compare yourself to the people you believe are doing it wrong.

The Beyond Compare Intro Course is a free 5-day course for people who want to quit comparing themselves to other people and feeling like someone – whether it’s you or the other person – is coming up short.

In just 5 minutes a day for 5 days, you’ll regain your ability to focus on your priorities, your work and your path – and to create a life beyond compare.

A lot of times, free courses barely scratch the surface of an issue – let alone help you to fix things in a permanent way – but these lessons enabled me to see things I’ve struggled to connect and put names on for awhile now. I am awed and grateful.

Alexis Morgan

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